January & February Goose Hunts in Kansas

Late Season Kansas Goose Hunting

 If you missed duck season, hunting geese in Kansas is a great alternative! While duck season will close and re-open, both Canada and Snow Goose seasons will remain open until mid-February. Much of that time, white fronts, with their laughter-like calls, are in season. Word is getting out that Kansas has few rivals for high-quality goose hunts in winter. 
We hunt in low lay-out blinds, with hunters daily experiencing what it’s like to be at the center of a descending cyclone of squealing and honking geese. With today’s liberal limits, and the ability to easily accommodate 8-15 hunters, harvests can top 50+ birds some days.
These late-season goose hunts are often overlooked but incredibly fun to experience.

If we don't have geese on our expansive lease, our scouts will search a 100-mile radius from the lodge until we find the x. 

January Goose Hunts

When are late season goose hunts in Kansas?

Enjoy some of Kansas's premier goose hunting in January and early February. Although the temperatures can be harsh, we use our 20 ft heated blind whenever possible. We have greater Canada's, lesser, Canada's, specs and snows. 

What are the limits for January goose hunts in Kansas?

The limit is 6 Canada geese & 50 snows.

More details about late-season waterfowl hunts:

  • These are some tough powerful birds that can take a hit from the largest loads so we highly recommend a 3 1/2" inch BB shot.
  • The only thing you need is your warm gear. Your gun, shells, a Kansas hunting license, federal stamp, state stamp, and an HIP stamp.
  • We can take between 1-8 hunters. Private hunts are available with 6 or more hunters. 

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