Kansas Pheasant Hunting Safety Tips

When you arrive at the lodge we will make sure to answer any questions and review safety procedures but please take a couple of minutes to look over our procedures and suggestions for making your hunting trip fun & safe.

10 Hunter Safety Rules

Safety & Hunting Etiquette


1. Always carry your gun with the safety on until you shoulder your gun in a safe direction. 

2. Always put the safety on the moment after you fire your gun.

3. Always immediately empty your gun and open the action or chamber at the end of each field and before entering a vehicle. 

4. Always wear an orange cap & vest with safety glasses. 

5. Always make sure that you have the right gauge and shot load for your gun & game. 

6. Always keep a straight line when walking through fields and never shoot over another hunter or guide.  

7. Always inform the guide of any problems you are having with your gun. 

8. Always inform your guide of any health problems that you might have so that he can station you accordingly.

9. If you have a health problem arise during the hunt immediately tell the guide.


1. Don’t consume any alcohol or any drugs 8 hours before or during the hunt. 

2. Don’t enter a vehicle with a loaded gun. 

3. Don’t point a gun, whether loaded or not, at any person or one of the dogs. 

4. Don’t shoot toward a hunter, dog, building, vehicle, or farm machinery. 

5. Don’t attempt to fix a jammed shotgun without the assistance of your guide. 

6. Don’t shoot pheasants on the ground or that get up behind or among the walkers. 

7. Don’t shoot animals other than the game we are hunting.

8. Don’t shoot a hen pheasant ($120.00 fine, payable to KDWP after the hunt). Guides are to recover illegally taken game and report the violator to the lodge manager and will then be reported to KDWP.

9. Don’t shoot at low flying birds or birds headed toward guides or other hunters.

10. Do not take the safety off until the bird is in flight.

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Hunting Dog Etiquette

A. When a bird is downed, mark where it lands. If the dog is not in the immediate area, wait for instructions from the guide. If the dog proceeds directly to the pheasant area, all hunters in line should stop and wait until the dog has hunted the area and finds the bird. If the dog does not find the bird, the dog handler should proceed to where the bird fell and direct his dog appropriately. All other hunters should remain in place until the bird is found or the dog handler gives up. 

B. Do not yell at or attempt to direct the dog. Remain quiet and let the dog and guide do their job. 



Pheasant Hunting Suggested Gear List

  • Bring along your favorite shotgun you are familiar with
  • Be sure to bring good, comfortable hunting boots – snake boots are not necessary
  • Rain gear - depending on the time of year
  • We recommend nylon, canvas or leather fronted brush pants
  • Ear and eye protection are essential
  • Blaze orange vest & hat
  • Dress in layers as it can be cool in the morning and hot in the afternoon
  • Provide an emergency contact familiar with your medical history

Emergency and After Hours Info

Address: 1624 Meadow Ln, Clay Center, KS 67432

Brians’s cell number: (785) 452-5220

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