Frequently Asked Questions About Our Kansas Hunts

Waterfowl, Upland & Whitetail Hunting

What size shot do you use for pheasant or ducks in Kansas?

Ducks & geese, we use 3 1/2 inch #6, pheasants we use 2 3/4 #6 shot.

When is the best time to hunt ducks in Kansas?

The best time to duck hunt is when Nebraska, North Dakota, and South Dakota get pounded with weather, which pushes the Ducks South into Kansas, normally around January.

Do I need hip waders to hunt waterfowl in Kansas?


What are the typical hunting methods you use for waterfowl in Kansas?

Most of the duck hunting is in cornfields, bean fields & riverbanks.

What do you charge for non-hunters?

$100 a day.

What will the weather be like during the waterfowl hunting season in Kansas?

Kansas weather is unpredictable and can be anywhere from -5 to 69 degrees. Dress in layers!

How long are the shots for the whitetail hunts in Kansas?

Hunters should be comfortable shooting at 300 yards

Can I bring my own dogs for the Kansas waterfowl Hunts?

Yes, we love meeting new dogs at the lodge.

What are your success rates on hunts?

Success rates are very high. It must be pretty good as 95% of our clients are repeat customers.

What kind of turkeys do you hunt in Kansas?

We Hunt Eastern's Rios as well as a hybrid.

How many turkeys can I kill a day in Kansas?

1 per day.

General Questions

How long have you been guiding?

I have been Guiding in Kansas for 26 years

Do you have WIFI service at the lodge?

Yes, it's slow as s***, and I highly suggest you leave your computer at home for a good time.

What dates do you have open for your hunts?

Call and ask if we can book a year in advance, but sometimes we have last-minute openings.

How many acres do you have to hunt?

More acres than you can hunt in a week.

Can we buy a license and tags at the lodge?

No hunting lodge is in the middle of nowhere. Buy a waterfowl license online at the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks website.

What are typical gratuities for the hunts?

10% to 15% per day.

Can I pay my balance with a check?

No cash or credit card. You can pay your deposit with a check.

How do I reserve a hunting date?

Contact us to reserve your dates, and we can take your deposit.

Do you offer discounts?

No, but we accept tips.

If more people want to come later, can we add them?

Yes, most likely.

Do you mind if we drink while we're hunting?

No drinking until after the hunt is over and guns are put away!

Where is the nearest airport to the lodge in Kansas?

2 miles away for small planes. Wichita is 2 hours from the lodge. Kansas City is 2.5 hours and normally has the best rates on flights.

Do you sell shotgun shells at the lodge?

No, but there's a Cabelas in Kansas City and Wichita.

Do you mind if we cook while at the lodge?

That would be great, but I charge an extra $100 to clean up the kitchen.

Should we rent a car at the airport?


Do you have a taxidermist to mount the game?


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